Whitehaven Wines Sampling Tour

By November 11, 2015 November 1st, 2016 Experiential Marketing


Cheers to award-winning sauvignon blanc and fresh shucked New Zealand oysters for an unforgettable foodie experience.  An integrated approach that boosted sales revenue to sell 35x more product.

Our crew set anchor and created an unforgettable modern Whitehaven tasting experience including; a feature starshade tent, custom branded floor runners leading towards two branded bars, bar-back selves with product displays, and custom “sail” style fabric signage, two conversational “white” lounges to enjoy Whitehaven, NZ style plant foliage and much more…

Not only were we the hottest place to sip wine… We gained “first-time” trials by developing new venue partnerships to win category exclusivity at the largest festivals across the country.  We build relationships with food partners across Canada to not only provide an enhanced experience for our tasting events but also provide new product listing opportunities that would take the brand to the next level.

What set us apart was our outstanding staff greeters, bartenders, and hostesses, the perfect oyster pairings, the incredible lounge space to sit comfortably, and the only ones that gave you a premium branded GoVino reusable glass with every Whitehaven purchase.

This is how we Go Beyond Experiential Marketing. 

A great example of the Taste of Toronto, which showcases the true flavours of the local food scene with our partners from Rodney’s Oyster House.  


Enjoy signature dishes from the city’s finest restaurants, learn tricks of the trade from world-class chefs, and sample gourmet food and drinks, all in one place. Whether you’re a well-dined gourmand, a new-found food lover, or simply looking for a good time with friends, there’s something for everybody at Taste of Toronto!

Taste of Toronto operates like a restaurant, offering afternoon and evening services. There are a total of six sessions running over the four day festival, with each session lasting between four and five hours. This provides you with enough time to enjoy your pick of over 50 restaurant dishes, browse the artisan stalls, and enjoy the many interactive on-site features.