Is Bigger Really Better?

By August 17, 2016 August 25th, 2016 Blog
5 reasons why brand managers choose boutique experiential marketing agencies to expand brand awareness and reach.

Life as a brand manager is hectic. With resources stretched to the breaking point, departments undermanned and overloaded with work and marketing budgets being endlessly tightened, you really need to have the right experiential marketing agency on your side.

Choosing the right experiential marketing agency partner is critical. But how do you know who to choose? Well, as a big brand, the obvious answer is to choose a big box agency, right? Wrong.

The truth is that in our ever expanding and evolving consumer world – where the average consumer has an attention span shorter than that of a goldfish (source) and there are literally thousands of brands vying for those mere 8 seconds – this question deserves more deliberation.

The truth is that a boutique agency is better equipped to help you achieve your marketing goals than any one of those big box firms…and, just to make your life easier, I’m going to tell you why.

Flexibility Fosters Creativity

In a big box experiential marketing agency, everyone has a clearly defined role and rank within an equally well-defined hierarchy. They’ve spent years perfecting their system in order to streamline their processes and maximize their bottom line. And what do you actually get: a formulaic (read: inflexible) approach to your needs.

In contrast, a boutique experiential marketing agency’s culture is predicated on flexibility. Each team member not only has to be an expert at their job but they also have to be able to develop new skills as each unique situation demands. Their focus is entirely on the client’s needs, not on their defined role. This creative freedom means that you will always get a fresh idea customized to meet your goals – a factor that is absolutely critical in a world where marketing is being redefined on a daily basis.

… And Collaboration

Another consequence of flexibility is collaboration. Team members in a boutique experiential marketing agency will work closely together on projects – sharing skills and ideas from all levels. That means that you will have the power of an entire team of unbridled, creative minds collaborating to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Speed of Service

As the manager of a big brand, you are no stranger to the challenges of seeing one of your ideas take flight. The larger the company, the more layers of hierarchy there are and, consequently, the more layers of internal buy-in are needed for a project to get off the ground.

Big box experiential marketing agencies suffer from the same logistical obstructions. Whether you have a particular request or just a simple task, it takes an unnecessarily long time to make its way through the bureaucratic system and for the result to make its way back to you, leaving you waiting in limbo or even missing out on great opportunities.

Boutique experiential marketing agencies, on the other hand, are characterized by swift decision-making and fluid communication. Without having to worry about the politics of approval procedure, they are able to take immediate action and bring your vision to life. And, in a world where tastes and opinions can change in an instant, the ability to move quickly and assertively on a project is invaluable.

Hands-on Management

The layers and layers of hierarchy in a big box agency also means that the person who delivered the flashy song and dance in the boardroom and secured your business is not going to be the one responsible for delivering on their promises. Your project will be passed down the pipeline to someone who has no direct relationship with or accountability to that person. Mr. or Ms. song-and-dance will not be the one executing your marketing campaign because they’re already in yet another boardroom delivering yet another flashy pitch.

Conversely, boutique experiential marketing agencies have smaller client lists and a far greater sense of accountability. The person you met in the boardroom is the same person that is going to carefully orchestrate every detail of your campaign and ensure that they more than deliver on their promises.

Real Relationships

The reason boutique experiential marketing agencies operate with a greater sense of accountability is because they want to do more than just boost their bottom line – they want to cultivate real relationships. By delivering the results that you were promised, they are fostering a feeling of trust. That trust translates into repeat business, a strong referral network and, more importantly, a long-term relationship. It is a beautifully symbiotic relationship: results for you and growth for them.

Beyond the client, this commitment to cultivating long-term relationships often extends to their professional network as well. Whether you need well-trained Brand Ambassadors for a promotional event or custom-branded materials, you can rest easy knowing that everyone involved in your project will meet the same high standard that their agency’s reputation demands.

Better Service

Choosing the right experiential marketing agency partner is critical. With MOUSE MARKETING INC., what you get is a partner you can trust to deliver real results – a team of experts with the best service in the industry dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. A boutique agency with big ideas, big hearts and big drive.